"There are people in life who give us access to things unseen. Whose relationship with materials is conversational. Who listen to the elements inbetween their fingers and in the hands of their tools. Katelin Gibbs is one of them.

Her Aesthetic language, manifest in her Jewelry, is beautifully erudite. She both compacts and expands the space and volume of structures; that at once play on the referents and beginnings of each piece, whilst confounding any total understanding of their origins. Our immediate want to address and dismiss the world around us and the objects in it is abated in the face of each piece she creates. A Minaret the size of a grape, a key to open the sky, a celestial compass spinning on polar tips, a golden cube who's volume remains solid; delineated with minimal elegance and tempered ornament, ready to ignite our imagination and expand to the size of the Kaaba.

I have only been in awe of gold twice, the first time was in an exhibit of ancient Jewelry in the British Museum and the second is seeing Katelin's lovingly created pieces. The precious metals we most often encounter are all too often lost in gratuity, however within this body of work the very thing evidenced with real clarity, is a lightness of touch, both conceptually and physically. A creating of the divine without doctrine, without agenda.

Her handling of both mass and design articulate the elemental properties of her chosen materials, again there is something discursive here that is rare, when the thing being collaborated with (Gold) has no words with which to speak, to be understood. But Gold does have a voice, and a language, as do all the materials we find in our world. But it is truly rare to find someone so aware, who will listen and employ such empathy when dealing with them. Who will discover geometry in their essence and follow it to an elegant and illuminated end"

Ben Jeans Houghton
Artist/ Writer/ Film maker/ Photographer